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Denver, CO 80230

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Executive Director
Leslie McKay

Year Established

Service Area
Eating Recovery Foundation is located on the Lowry campus in Denver, Colorado. Colorado has over 200,000 residents suffering from eating disorders, and has the fifth highest rate of eating disorders in the country among adolescents.
Eating Recovery Foundation provides support for those affected by or at risk for eating disorders, as well as their families, and treating professionals.

Mission Statement
The Eating Recovery Foundation works to change how eating disorders are viewed, prevented and treated. We offer education and prevention programs, foster research, and provide resources for those affected by, or at risk for eating disorders, as well as their families, caregivers and treating professionals.

Case Statement
30 million Americans suffer from an eating disorder in their lifetime – from all ages, genders, ethnicities, and socioeconomic levels – including one in four college students. Eating disorders are pervasive in every part of the U.S. population. They directly affect more individuals than far more recognizable illnesses, including Autism and Alzheimer’s. While eating disorders are most prevalent in college-aged women, they often start in early adolescence, increasingly affect men, and cross all socio economic groups.

Left untreated, eating disorders are the most lethal of mental illnesses, more deadly than depression or schizophrenia. One person dies from an eating disorder nearly every 60 minutes. However, lasting recovery from this disease is possible with sufficient information, targeted support, and effective treatment.


The Eating Recovery Foundation is dedicated to expanding awareness, prevention and effective treatments of eating disorders through the support of education, research, and charitable care programs.

It is essential that patients, families, and professionals have the tools to foster prevention, early intervention and a lasting recovery from this devastating disease.

The Eating Disorders Information Gateway
The Eating Disorders Information Gateway is a single portal resource where patients, families, treatment professionals and the general public can access information and research on eating disorder prevention, treatment and recovery. The Gateway shares over 19,845 indexed resources.

The Body Project
The Body Project is an evidence-based intervention program that has been proven to disrupt concepts of ideal body image and reduce onset of eating disorders on college campuses, where one in four students suffers from an eating disorder. The Foundation has brought this outreach and prevention program to 25 college campuses across North America, including CU, CSU, and University of Colorado–Colorado Springs, and plans to expand these efforts in 2017.

Despite being the deadliest mental illness, the eating disorders research base is limited compared to other biologically based mental illnesses, contributing to lack of awareness and delayed diagnosis and intervention among professionals and the general public alike.

Young Investigator Award
Few students in mental health medical disciplines are exposed to eating disorders as a specialty during their training and education. In an effort to encourage more future thought leaders to enter this field, the Foundation seeks to foster young academics and practitioners through research grants in the area of eating disorders. Young investigators will research best treatment protocols for eating disorders.

Everyone touched by an eating disorder deserves support, treatment, and lasting recovery.

Charitable Care Fund
The Charitable Care Fund is designed to make recovery accessible and attainable for patients and families without financial means, providing support beyond what is covered by insurance. To date, over 135 patient episodes of care have been funded through this Charitable Care Fund.

Volunteer Opportunities: 

The Eating Recovery Foundation is actively recruiting new board members. We are looking for board candidates with a willingness to serve as an ambassador and fundraiser for the Foundation, have a passion for helping others learn more about eating disorders, and a connection to prospective partners.

Giving Opportunities: 

Sponsor a Young Investigator
$25,000 – Funds one year of research to identify the best treatment options for those battling eating disorders.
Sponsor the Eating Disorders Information Gateway
$7,500 – Host the Eating Disorders Information Gateway for one year.
Sponsor a Body Project program
$3,000 – Present the body acceptance program on a college campus, perhaps your alma mater.
Contribute to the Charitable Care Fund
$1,000 – Contribute to the cost of treatment for those who cannot afford a full course of care.

Board of Directors: 

Richard C. Kraus

Andrew Braun, MBA

Ted Clarke, MD

Kacey Higgenbotham, JD

Leslie McKay
Executive Director

Ken Weiner, MD